First of all, can you tell us a bit about ChannelSight?

ChannelSight is an eCommerce Intelligence platform that creates a swift and seamless path to purchase to help consumers buy the products that they are interested in easily and efficiently.

We then give brands and publishers date on what content and advertisements are working most effectively to drive sales and conversion across all channels.

We proudly collaborate with the best global retailers, agencies and technology partners out there. These close relationships mean that we can integrate our specialist capabilities and bring detailed insight, value and reach to our wide array of mutual customers.

How did you hear about Gradguide?

Gradguide was initially recommended by someone I knew who was working in a fellow Irish tech startup, Wayflyer. 

They had mentioned that they had filled a number of entry-level sales roles through Gradguide and when I looked into it further, it turned out that several people in my network were involved as mentors including a couple of ChannelSight employees. 

We had a number of junior positions that we needed to fill and having heard of the success they had with similar companies, it seemed like a no-brainer to reach out to the team. 

What benefits have you seen from using Gradguide so far?

There is still a certain element of risk when you're hiring recent graduates who don't typically have a lot of experience. However, we've found that by working closely with the team at Gradguide and giving them a really clear idea of what our ideal candidate looks like the results have been fantastic so far. 

The first thing that stood out was how much time we were saving on our hiring process.

Previously we would post the role on jobs boards and spend countless hours going through applications to try and find candidates that were a good fit. 

Now we simply contact Gemma, our Account Manager to outline the roles we’re looking to fill and she sends over a handful of people she thinks are well-suited within 24 hours. This is crucial for us as a fast-growing startup where moving quickly is a key component of our success.

Having our Account Executive Manager, Patrick Meenan and our Account Executive Team Lead, Mark Gilroy working as mentors means that candidates now come in having clear expectations of the company culture, what the role entails and the skills needed to excel in it.

Every candidate so far has demonstrated not only a very high level of professionalism but they were also extremely well prepared.

To date, we’ve hired eight people through Gradguide not only for my business development team but for the marketing and HR teams as well.  

How do you see the future relationship between ChannelSight and Gradguide progressing?

We're currently in the process of growing out both our sales and marketing teams in Dublin and see Gradguide as a key partner in that process. Since we've started working with them, they've started catering for more technical roles as well so there might be potential to explore that in the future.

We'll be taking a virtual booth at their upcoming Career Fair and look forward to not only partaking in that event but organising company open days moving forward where we'll be able to speak directly to the next generation of talented graduates coming out of Irish universities.