First of all, can you tell us a bit about Front? 

Front combines the simplicity of your email inbox with the automation and insights of a CRM. Teammates from all departments can work together to send the best replies faster, keep messages organised across channels while s maintaining a personal touch.

We have offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, and most recently, Dublin as well as remote roles across the globe. 

How did you hear about Gradguide? 

I heard about them through an SDR in our Paris office, Mohammed Ghobara, who has recently been promoted to an Account Executive role.

He had come through their mentorship programme and had spoken very highly about his experience being mentored by one of the founders, Mark. With us looking to build a landing team in Dublin, Gradguide seemed like a good place to start. 

What attracted you to Gradguide initially?

Early on, we knew a crucial part of a successful go-to-market strategy would involve hiring the right candidates at the right speed, with a particular focus on sales. The fact that we could rely on Gradguide to quickly provide us with vetted entry-level talent that had understood the requirements of the role, were familiar with our company and had keen interest in working in the tech sector was a driving factor in our decision to work with them. 

What benefits have you seen from using Gradguide? 

The turnaround time for Gradguide to send us over candidates for interview has been exceptional. Within a matter of days, Gemma, our account manager, would have a shortlist of people who had not only been mentored but had also expressed an interest in working at Front. This meant that we drastically improved the time-to-hire for our Sales Development and Customer Support teams in Ireland. 

With us having no pre-existing relationships with universities in Ireland, Gradguide’s ability to get us in front of a lot of strong candidates from leading the universities has been the biggest benefit of their service to date. Several of those we didn’t end up hiring were really impressive and well prepared, leaving us with positive interview experiences across the board.

How do you see the future relationship between Front and Gradguide progressing?

We are excited at the upcoming launch of the Gradguide platform where we’ll easily be able to save candidates we like and add them to our applicant tracking system automatically. 

The mentorship angle was something that really stood out to me about Gradguide. I think it’s fantastic that people are willing to offer their time to help out graduates who are trying to navigate the early stages of their career and I’m delighted that by partnering with Gradguide, some of our employees will have the opportunity to get involved. 

Over the coming months we are planning to run a company open day, assessment centres and of course take a booth at the upcoming virtual career fair in February having seen the success of last September’s event.