Last week we sat down with Mark Graham, Chief Commercial Officer of Immedis, a fast scaling and ambitious technology company with a global footprint headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland. Immedis is a SaaS based platform delivering touchless global payroll along with advanced reporting and real time analytics to some of the worlds most successful companies like Uber and McAfee

First of all, can you tell us a bit about Immedis?

Sure, Immedis specialise in consolidating and streamlining multinational companies' global payroll operations. Our SaaS based platform gives some of the world's largest and fastest growing companies the ability to manage and track their payroll operations all in one place, providing market leading data and analytics. Some of our notable clients include Uber, McAfee, DocuSign, ServiceNow and Adobe. As a company, we’re in a hypergrowth phase, growing both in headcount and revenue year on year. Last year we received a €500 million valuation having taken on a €50 million investment from Lead Edge Capital.

How did you hear about Gradguide?

I first came across Gradguide on LinkedIn having seen people in my network sharing that they had signed up to the programme both as mentors and as recent graduates. Many of the posts I saw were of people landing roles at some of the top technology companies in Dublin and thanking Gradguide for their help and support in the process. Gradguide really stood out from an early stage as it became clear they were giving companies access to a pool of top graduate talent. With that in mind, it seemed obvious for us to partner with them given our hiring plans moving forward.

How were you finding entry-level talent before?

We primarily relied on referrals and LinkedIn to hire for entry-level roles but there were problems associated with both of these methods. While referrals are usually a great source of talent, unfortunately, they’re not very scalable. With LinkedIn, there was certainly no shortage of applicants but the time it took to go through 500 or so applications meant the process was really inefficient.

What attracted you to Gradguide initially?

I think it takes a certain type of person to show the initiative to sign-up to a programme that increases their chances of getting a job and it was clear in the interview processes with people from Gradguide that we were dealing with very hungry and driven candidates. That is the type of person we want working for us in Immedis. Unsurprisingly, all three hires so far have ramped up very quickly – long may it continue!

What benefits have you seen from using Gradguide?

The fact that the candidates are raring to go and there is no delay between the time that the job spec is published to the time that we’re talking to great talent is huge for us, especially as we continue to scale. In fact, our time to hire has decreased by around 50% when hiring through Gradguide. Additionally, the quality of each of our hires has been fantastic to date. In my experience, entry level hiring can be hit and miss but each of them hit the ground running and onboarded really quickly.

How do you see the future relationship between Immedis and Gradguide progressing?

Immedis have phenomenal growth plans over the coming 12-24 months. Having just last year received €50 million in investment, our plans are to scale our teams not only here in Dublin but globally. This will be primarily focused on our go to market functions as well as our operations and product teams. We see Gradguide as a critical partner in our growth going forward.