First of all, can you tell us a bit about what you do?

We help retail brands scale full-funnel performance marketing campaigns across social media platforms. Since its conception, StitcherAds has empowered some of the world's largest eCommerce, retail, and grocery brands using data-driven personalisation and automation.

How did you hear about Gradguide?

One of our employees, Dan O’Brien is a mentor at Gradguide and when we were looking to build out our team, he mentioned that Gradguide were helping a lot of fast-growing Irish tech companies with their entry-level hiring. 

Our initial plan was to hire a team of Paid Social Campaign Managers in Ireland with the team based out of Dublin. We knew from speaking to Dan about the work that they were doing so it made sense for us to speak with Gradguide and see how we could collaborate. 

What benefits have you seen from using Gradguide so far?

We kicked off our partnership with the Gradguide team in July and immediately had three open roles for our success team that needed to filled urgently.

We initially worked very closely with Gemma, our relationship manager, outlining the type of candidate we were looking for both from an experience point of view and culturally. Gemma set us up by giving us access to use the Gradguide platform, where we could go in and post our open roles and browse the talent pool for potential candidates.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the calibre of the talent that was available on the platform and coordinated closely with Gemma to organise interviews. We managed to hire three amazing candidates for our success team Anastasia, Niall and Elaine who all started with us in September as Campaign Managers.

How do you see the relationship between StitcherAds and Gradguide progressing?

As we look to build out our workforce, we will turn to Gradguide to help us with our hiring as the level of service so far has been exception. 

As our hiring managers look to scale out their teams, we will also look to host a company open day so that candidates can come along and speak directly with some of our team members and find out more about what it’s like to work at Kargo Commerce.