First of all, can you tell us a bit about LearnUpon?

LearnUpon's mission is to partner with businesses that believe delivering great learning is essential to achieve great results. The company’s learning management system (LMS) is powered by leading technology and provides companies with a centralised hub to easily create and manage learning programs for every audience in an engaging, learner-friendly way.

LearnUpon partners with over 1,300 customers to champion simple, learner-centric experiences for over 13 million learners across over 30 countries globally. With over 290+ employees and offices in Dublin, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Belgrade, and Sydney, LearnUpon LMS makes it easy for businesses to deliver learning that impacts what matters: performance, retention, and growth.

How did you hear about Gradguide?

We had seen a lot of noise on social media about some of the tech companies they were helping with their entry-level hiring, so we were relatively familiar with their offering.

On the back of our investment towards the end of last year, we had plans to hire 130 new people across a range of specialities, including sales, support, customer success, engineering, marketing, operations, and finance.

Half of these hires were going to be in our Dublin headquarters and remotely around Ireland, so when a member of their team reached out, it made sense to take the call to see how they could help.

What benefits have you seen from using Gradguide so far?

We kicked off our partnership with the Gradguide team in January, primarily focusing on sales development and business development positions.

We initially worked very closely with Gemma, our relationship manager, outlining the type of candidate we were looking for both from an experience point of view as well as culturally.

Gemma would continuously send over a handful of people who she thought would be a good fit and we would work closely throughout the process, mutually creating a positive candidate experience. The quality of candidates coming through from Gradguide is very high.

So far, we’ve hired three people through Gradguide. Eva Savage, Mark McAuley, and most recently, Eimhin Charlton who have all been great additions to the team so far.

How do you see the relationship between LearnUpon and Gradguide progressing?

Making sure we get the right people is a huge priority for us, but we also want to ensure that we have a strong pipeline of candidates coming out of university, so when they graduate, LearnUpon will be top of mind.

We decided to host a Virtual Open Day in April after having a lot of positive conversations at the Gradguide Careers Fair in February, where we could offer an overview of what we do, outline our entry-level hiring process, and discuss what a day in the life of members of our graduate programme looks like.

We were delighted to see that we had almost 300 registered participants for the event, and the engagement was excellent. Now that in-person events are becoming more frequent, it’s likely that we’ll look to organize a similar event in our Dublin HQ.