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If you are a recent Grad or just looking to switch industries I cannot recommend Gradguide enough!websites without any replies or interviews. The second day after I registered on Gradguide, Gemma gave me a call and asked about my situation, what area of jobs I was looking for and so on. Then she gave me some advise based on my situation, introduced the great service gradguide had. Since then I start to use graguide website on a daily basis, because it is so helpful!

Anastasia Demico
ll y a 3 jours

Gradguide were a massive help in finding a graduate role. After I registered, they were in touch straight away to ask what my interests were.bit overwhelmed and lost with the job search as it can be very daunting. Gradguide will listen thoroughly to each individual and help them as much as they can by offering advice on jobs, interview process/Cvs. They will also do their best to set each individual up with interviews of companies they are best suited to.

Sam Walsh
ll y a 3 jours

Gradguide was the one place where I felt that everyone there wants to see me win. Every single connection I made advised me as if I were them. Their advice would be lessons they learned as graduates or when they were starting their careers. As a graduate in final year, there are many things to worry and stress about, but with Gradguide I really felt like I had nothing to worry about, in terms of finding a job.

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A common misconception is that Gradguide is only for students, but I had been working for almost three years when I met Gemma and discovered Gradguide. From the 1:1 mentorship opportunities to the CV seminars, I can’t recommend Gradguide enough for anyone looking to transition into the world of tech!

ll y a 3 jours

A common misconception is that Gradguide is only for students, but I had been working for almost three years when I met Gemma and discovered Gradguide. From the 1:1 mentorship opportunities to the CV seminars, I can’t recommend Gradguide enough for anyone looking to transition into the world of tech!

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I came to Gradguide looking for a career change and to enter the tech scene. As someone with no experience in this field I was unsure where to look and how to apply for jobs.

ll y a 3 jours

Gradguide helped me bridge the gap and land my first job in IT despite having no experience in the field. After applying to many different positions with little to no success a friend of mine recommended I try Gradguide. They were super quick to reach out and arrange a quick phone call to see what interests me and where I see myself. Fast forward a week or so later I had an interview they arranged for me and a mentor inside that company that helped me prepare and feel confident going in. Overall it took a month between contacting Gradguide and formally signing my contract. Kudos to the whole team, they were pleasure to deal with and have helped a tonne. Their platform has many useful resources from CV guides to webinars and everything in between.

ll y a 3 jours

I couldn't recommenced Gradguide enough after my experience over the last couple of  

ll y a 3 jours

As someone who wanted to get into sales and found it hard to bridge that gap

ll y a 3 jours

I have desperately applied for jobs for the past 6 months after graduation. Most of

ll y a 3 jours

Gradguide is an Excellent service, couldn't recommend it enough for anyone who is looking to transition into the workforce from college.

Career advice

Connect with a Gradguide mentor

We know how easy it is to lose motivation spending countless hours searching aimlessly for a job and not making any progress.

Our platform allows you to connect with someone with years of experience in their field and, who understands your situation and can guide you through the application and interview process for jobs.

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CV Masterclasses

Tailor your application

Spraying out hundreds of applications to any and every role you see is the old way of doing things. Get top tips on how to tailor your CV to the role you’re applying to and increase your chances of getting an interview.

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Interview prep

Get interview-ready

Going into an interview unprepared can be a daunting experience. We provide you with all the support and resources you need to nail your next interview. Whether it’s examples of common questions, frameworks on how to answer them or mock interviews — we’ve got you covered.

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Get hired, quicker

Our jobs board provides direct access to the hiring managers from our Company Partners – applying through our platform offers you significantly better visibility than other job sites. And you can get to know our Partners better through the Discover Employers page.

The science behind our success

Three pillars

We have been developing the Gradguide Three-Pillar Programme over the past year to give grads the best possible chances of landing their dream job.


Optimise your CV, Cover Letter & Online Presence.


Select the correct roles & companies to apply for.


Complete interview training and mock scenarios.

Land your dream job in the technology sector.

Hear from our grads

We share the wins of everyone who goes through Gradguide


"Not only did I secure my job through Gradguide but there were so many added bonuses I didn't even expect. I learned so much along the way and gained a lot of confidence that will allow me to thrive in my new role and industry."

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Katie O’Reilly

Dublin City University


"My experience with Gradguide was brilliant and I would really recommend them to anyone who feels like they have hit a roadblock in trying to get into tech companies. I myself didn't even get to complete the entire program and have landed a tech sales position with my ideal tech company."

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Sean Gallagher

Digital Marketing Institute


"Gradguide is honestly the most helpful graduate website I have ever come across. From helping create the perfect CV and cover letter to preparing for the interview process, the organisation really is the best."

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Caoilainn Clancy

Dublin City University