Our grads get all the help they need to fast track their way to a career in the technology sector.

Find a job

1:1 Mentorship

We pair you with someone a few years ahead of you on the career ladder who can give invaluable advice and guidance.

Gradguide Academy

The Gradguide Academy forms the foundation for any grad looking to land their first job. It's our tried and tested formula for success.

Open Days

Open Days are an opportunity to connect with big names in tech – learn more about our company partners and the positions they are hiring for.


We will regularly share our knowledge and experience in all of the aspects of professional life in our blog and weekly newsletter.


We have a strong and growing community of grads and mentors, great for meeting peers and networking.

Our grads studied at some of the leading universities
In-House Mentorship

Learn and improve on the fundamentals

The Academy forms the foundation for any grad looking to land their first job. Our Three-Pillar Program covers physical artefacts like CV and cover letter through to advice on the job search itself, including interview training. We also regularly share our knowledge and experience of professional life through Insights and our weekly newsletter.

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1-to-1 Mentorship

Connect with a Gradguide mentor

We know exactly what it's like to be out of university, degree in hand, but at a loss for what to do next. We'll pair you with a mentor who has been exactly where you are just a few years ago who will provide invaluable advice and guidance.

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Meet hiring managers directly

We regularly run Open Days that put you in front of hiring managers and other team members from our Partner Companies. These sessions allow you to learn more about work and life at these companies, and give you direct access to the decision makers. Our biannual Career Fair brings together 30+ of these partners with 10 talks held over the course of the day.

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Zoom screenshot of 25 people in a grid

Get hired, quicker

Our jobs board provides direct access to the hiring managers from our Company Partners – applying through our platform offers you significantly better visibility than other job sites. And you can get to know our Partners better through the Discover Employers page.

The science behind our success

Three pillars

We have been developing the Gradguide Three-Pillar Programme over the past year to give grads the best possible chances of landing their dream job.


Optimise your CV, Cover Letter & Online Presence.


Select the correct roles & companies to apply for.


Complete interview training and mock scenarios.

Land your dream job in the technology sector.

Hear from our grads

We share the wins of everyone who goes through Gradguide


"Not only did I secure my job through Gradguide but there were so many added bonuses I didn't even expect. I learned so much along the way and gained a lot of confidence that will allow me to thrive in my new role and industry."

Gradguide alumni headshot.

Katie O’Reilly

Dublin City University, 2020


"My experience with Gradguide was brilliant and I would really recommend them to anyone who feels like they have hit a roadblock in trying to get into tech companies. I myself didn't even get to complete the entire program and have landed a tech sales position with my ideal tech company."

Gradguide alumni headshot.

Sean Gallagher

Digital Marketing Institute, 2021


"Gradguide is honestly the most helpful graduate website I have ever come across. From helping create the perfect CV and cover letter to preparing for the interview process, the organisation really is the best."

Gradguide alumni headshot.

Caoilainn Clancy

Dublin City University, 2020