Our partners get access to top talent with a faster time to hire, improved quality of hire, and a more diverse talent pool.

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Faster time and improved quality

Gradguide guarantee

Our grads are vetted, mentored, and domain-specifically trained. On average, we cut your time to hire by 50%, reduce your on-ramp onboarding time by 25%, and guarantee you the best possible hire for the position from our talent pool.

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Diverse talent

Level out, level up

With Gradguide, you have access to a diverse talent pool of candidates. There are two main reasons for this: first and foremost, we foster an open and inclusive atmosphere for everyone involved in the company. We have also found that the people concerned about landing their first job are more often those who feel they are at a disadvantage – not at Gradguide.

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Training and development

More than just new hires

Mentors from partner companies get the opportunity to upskill and get early exposure to people management. See mentors to explore the full range of benefits of putting forward your employees to mentor with us.

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Employer branding

Spread the word

Increase company exposure and brand recognition across Gradguide channels – from featured spots on our website and socials to mentions and referrals within the community. You will get the opportunity to build brand-affinity early on with our grads before they enter the jobs market.

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Hear from our partners

A successful placement for our grads means a best-in-class hire for our partners


"When we took a step back and looked at the costs associated with scaling go-to-market teams for a hyper growth company like ours, utilising Gradguide to help us hire in a cost-effective manner became a no brainer.

We have hired Gradguide mentees in sales, support & accounting roles and are now looking at their technical talent for data science & product engineering roles in the coming months."

Jack Pierse



"All the candidates I’ve spoken with and hired through Gradguide have been exceptional. The team is so confident in the calibre of talent they send through they offer a policy to replace candidates if they don’t pass probation. This mitigates all the risk for our entry level hiring and made it so easy to partner with Gradguide."

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Ross Keating



"Gradguide has enabled us to ramp up our EMEA team and cut the time spent during the recruitment process in half as we completely eliminated the need to screen hundreds of CVs and vet hundreds of candidates for our entry level roles."

Paul Lynch, Ex-CEO of Gradguide company partner, Chargify.

Paul Lynch